Funny Texts That Only A Parent Could Send

What is it about moms and dads and sending the most cringey texts ever? It’s like their fingers start typing and they can’t control their urge to be totally embarrassing. We can spot a mom text from a mile away.

Keep reading to see some of the most hilarious, silly, and downright weird texts from parents who don’t have the easiest time using technology. Parents: they may be strange, but we can’t help but love them.

New Names For Everyone

text from mom renaming her children
Photo Credit: meaganb4a1065421 / Reddit
Photo Credit: meaganb4a1065421 / Reddit

This mom decided to give all of her children new names all of a sudden. She sent them a group text to let them know the news. Birch (AKA Kyle) doesn’t seem to be taking it well.