The Good, The Bad, And The (Mostly) Ugly That Comes With Having Siblings

It’s a blessing and a curse to grow up with siblings. If you’re an only child, you have your parents’ full attention, and there’s never any competition over who gets to control the remote or who gets to eat the last slice of pizza.

Even with all the arguments, having a sibling means you have someone who gets all your family’s inside jokes and knows ‘the look’ you give when aunt Ruth has one too many over Christmas dinner. If you have a brother or sister, you know exactly what these people are going through.

You Can’t Trust Them

sister about the spray brother with house
Photo Credit: Reddit / ohsureyoudo
Photo Credit: Reddit / ohsureyoudo

So young. So naive. This little boy is going to learn a few life lessons in a couple of seconds, one of which includes never trust your sister.

You can see that devious smile on her face, and you can see that the little boy is also smiling, but we would love to see if he was still smiling once she uncoiled that part of the hose. Do you think this is the first time she pulled this trick or is it a recurring event?