Hilariously Honest Mom Shares The Struggles Of Pregnancy And Motherhood

The self-proclaimed “original letterboard mom,” Maya Vorderstrasse was tired of seeing the Pinterest-perfect depiction of pregnancy and motherhood all over social media, so when she was pregnant, she decided to show what it was really like.

Now a mom to twin girls and a younger son, Maya and her husband still pick up the letterboard to share everything about their life on social, but they’re always honest about what’s really going on in their house.

Flying Through The First Trimester

If you’re lucky, that first trimester will fly by in a haze of morning sickness, excitement over your growing baby bump, and the struggle to keep it a secret until you can tell everyone that you’re expecting.

1st trimester so happy
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mayavorderstrasse
Photo Credit: Instagram / @mayavorderstrasse