These Husbands Flat Out Refused To Make Sacrifices

We all love hard-working husbands—they do so much for their families and truly deserve a round of applause for all the hard work they put in. But sometimes they see an empty roll of toilet paper and just think “nah, that’s not me.” And yeah, we get it, but everyone’s gotta face the double-ply music at some point.

Here are some husbands who really almost tried to do their best, but either didn’t try or just wanted to see the world burn because of their actions. The big takeaway here is that they’re sending us to an early grave every time they rip a hole in a plastic bag.

Thanks So Much For Making Dinner Honey

mac and cheese
Photo Credit: putainrelou / Reddit
Photo Credit: putainrelou / Reddit

I think that this husband really truly wants to do a good job with dinner. But he either blacked out in the kitchen and reverted to his old college days or he wants to watch his wife’s head spin. Either way, hope everyone likes their mac tasting slightly like tin.