If Any Of These Things Happen At Your Wedding, The Marriage Probably Won’t Last

We’d all like to say that every wedding we’ve attended or been a part of has gone off without a hitch and that we were completely confident in the couple’s love for each other, but that would be a lie.

A wedding and a marriage are supposed to be about celebrating love and watching your friends or family commit to someone for life. Unfortunately, there are some red flags or warning signs that the guests or the staff who are working the wedding just can’t ignore—even if the couple is choosing to ignore them.

Tone Down The Enthusiasm There

groom said
Photo Credit: Reddit / MissCarolineC
Photo Credit: Reddit / MissCarolineC

You know that saying about consent that if it’s not an enthusiastic yes, you should take it as a no? The same probably goes for wedding vows.

“I guess” isn’t exactly the romantic declaration of love that you would hope to hear from your husband on your wedding day.