It Turns Out That Kids Really Are Just Small Adults

Kids never fail to surprise us with their logic. Yet, every so often, you’ll catch them doing and saying things that are way beyond their age and remember that they really are just tiny adults in the making.

After all, everything they’re learning is based on the adults in their lives, so it only makes sense that their ideas, sass, and words often match those of an adult. Except, it’s way funnier when it’s coming from a kid.

No One Said Tickets Were Fair

Photo Credit: avioneta / Reddit
Photo Credit: avioneta / Reddit

“My seven-year-old likes to dress up as a cop and hand out tickets.”

Have you ever been ticketed and assumed that the cop must have just been having a bad day and taking it out on you, or trying to meet their quota, and the ticket seemed completely unfair? Better be the one to give them out than to receive them.