Jimmy Fallon Asks Parents What Random Stuff “Spooks” Their Kids And I Wish I Only Had These Fears

It’s a crazy world out there and we’ve all got our own worries that are filling it up. Normally it’s stuff like taxes, death, and our homes catching fire if we leave the coffee maker on (you’ve done this twice this week, don’t lie to me). But apparently, kids have their own set of issues.

Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter followers what spooks their kids and the results just prove that we’re all slightly concerned about something. Like I’m concerned about the kid that’s scared of sour cream.

To Be Fair, Squids Are Prehistoric Monsters

spooks your kids
Photo Credit: @jimmyfallon / Twitter
Photo Credit: @jimmyfallon / Twitter

All three of these are very spooky-ish things that have definitely shaken kids to their cores at some point in their lives. Did you know some quids have one giant eye and one small one? That’s so disgusting and not just for an optometrist.