Kids Who Prove The Children Are The Future, And The Future Is Bleak

Look, as a whole, the future seems bright. But when we think of some of the things that kids do, the future looks a whole lot bleaker.

Some kids know how to say their ABCs and how to wait until their mom gets back to eat candy (have you seen the fruit snack challenge?), and some kids, well, some kids lick dolphins. You’re going to have to keep reading to get that reference. Things are about to get silly.

Playing Pretend

This girl is using her imagination to pretend she’s a grown-up, and we have to say that we think she understands adulthood pretty darn well. Where do you think she heard people talking like this?

tweet: lmao. my 7-year-old little cousin was playing make believe on her toy phone and she said
Photo Credit: @eveewing / Twitter
Photo Credit: @eveewing / Twitter