Kids Who Are Cooler Than We’ll Ever Be

Most times, kids want to grow up to emulate the skills and behaviors they see from the adults around them. However, sometimes, as adults, we can see kids acting in ways infinitely more awesome than we ever were or probably ever will be.

These are kids who are cooler than me, and I’m only lowkey salty about it.

I Wish I Could Be This Nonchalant About Hard Work

my 3yo said she wanted to be an astronaut, and I said she had to study hard, go to college, learn a lot of science, and take a physical fitness test, and she shrugged and said,
Photo Credit: Twitter / @jendziura
Photo Credit: Twitter / @jendziura

This little girl just looked at the decades’ worth of work she would have to undergo in order to reach her dream of being an astronaut and treated it like it was no big deal. I want her to teach me her ways.