Men Who Should Be Single (But Somehow Still Aren’t)

Girlfriends and wives put up with a whole lot of chaos. When you put the ring on your finger, you basically sign up for years and years of damage control at the low low cost of only half your sanity.

Here are some guys who somehow are in stable and happy relationships despite living on a completely different planet than their partner. And that planet is on fire, flooding, and filled with people screaming all at the same time.

When You Send The Hubby For Groceries And There’s An Ice Cream Sale…

I’m sorry, what exactly did this guy plan on eating for the next week—just ice cream?

tons of icecream in freezer
Photo Credit: 2workigo / Reddit
Photo Credit: 2workigo / Reddit

I’ve heard of people blowing their grocery budgets on organic and grass-fed beef, but 50 pints of ice cream is a new one for me.