The Messes These Kids Made Will Have You Feeling Major Pain For Their Parents

Kids, kids, kids. They’re our pride and joy, and the reason we’re on heart pressure medication. These parents know this all too well since their children decided to skip watching Tidying Up With Marie Kondo on Netflix and instead detonated mess-bombs in the house.

These parents probably were fighting back tears and anger as they stopped for a moment to take a photo of the disasters their kids made, and for that self-control, the internet thanks them. None of us are feeling grateful enough to help clean up though.

Chalk It Up To Looking Away For 2 Seconds

chalk mess kids child staring at camera looking distraught
Photo Credit: @prila_shy / Instagram
Photo Credit: @prila_shy / Instagram

We all have heard that an artist draws inspiration from life around them and uses the world as their canvas. These kids must’ve heard this adage and decided to tap into their creative side when this mom turned away, because this chalk mess is almost Picasso-like in its chaos. The keyword is almost.

What this mess actually is is a living nightmare for this parent. Chalk gets into the tiny little grooves in the wood grain, gets in the air, and overall just feels disgusting under our feet. In a stroke of luck, the kids somehow avoided the couch.