These Moms Embraced Their Funny Bone And Hopefully Passed It Along To Their Kids

We all know that dads are funny. Men assume their true form when they have kids and they can finally tell all those horribly wonderful dad jokes they’ve been holding onto for years.

But you know who else is funny? MOM. Moms deserve more credit because they are just as funny and witty as dad. So here are some funny mom moments for you to laugh at, including a woman who made a bingo card for her kid’s graduation to keep the family entertained, and another mom who calls out her daughter’s cheerleading skills on Facebook.

You’re On Candid Camera

evolution of a temper tantrum photo series
Photo Credit: Reddit / Dankaay
Photo Credit: Reddit / Dankaay

Kids grow up so fast, don’t they? Everyone says to cherish the moments that they’re little while you can, but this may not have one of the moments worth capturing…

This woman’s mother-in-law took a series of photos of her daughter and titled it “Evolution of a temper tantrum.” Honestly, it’s the perfect piece of art for the front hall. Every guest knows what to expect right when they walk in the house, plus it’ll be there for your daughter to begrudgingly take pictures with for years to come.