These Are Not The Kids They Prepared Us For In The Parenting Books

Have kids they said… It’ll be fun they said… You can read all the parenting books you want, get advice from your fellow moms and dads, and check out all the mommy blogs, but there will always be moments with your kids where you think ‘what on earth did I do to deserve this?”

Sometimes they order $300 worth of toys off of Amazon without telling you, or they spread Lego around the computer so no one else can use it, and all you can do is laugh about it.

Feeling Sluggish

slug hospital escaping patients
Photo Credit: Twitter / @cwilso
Photo Credit: Twitter / @cwilso

Chris Wilson shared this photo of his daughters’ latest backyard business with this explanation: “My daughters built a slug hospital and found 30+ ‘patients’ who are now escaping and nothing in the parenting books prepared me for this.” Maybe they were at the hospital because they were feeling sluggish.

What do you do? Option 1: Walk away and pretend you never saw it happening. Option 2: Take all the slugs back to the hospital so that your daughters aren’t heartbroken. It’s Sophie’s choice.