Old-School Parenting Photos That Probably Wouldn’t Fly Today

Times change and so do parenting techniques. Remember when mom would give you a nickel and told you to be home before dark? Those were the days. Now, parents are under constant scrutiny for the way they choose to raise their kids.

Those old-school parenting tricks would probably land you on the evening news today but hey, we survived didn’t we? Have a good laugh and a walk down memory lane while you look at these vintage parenting skills that would raise some disapproving eyebrows nowadays.

This Car-Seat Wouldn’t Ride Today

baby in a car seat looking stressed out
Photo Credit: therealjakeg / Reddit
Photo Credit: therealjakeg / Reddit

Nowadays there are various tests and specs that a car seat has to meet before it can be bought by consumers. Usually, those include the idea that the baby should be strapped in for safety. Looks like that wasn’t really a concern the designers of this vintage car seat had.

This thing looks more like an amusement park swing than a safety device. We do have to point out the mini wheel attached so the baby can learn to drive along with their parent.