Oops! These Kids Accidentally Revealed Their Parents’ Secrets With Their Hilarious Drawings

There couldn’t be a better quote than “kids say the darndest things!” In this case, kids drew the darndest things and inadvertently revealed behaviors their parents might prefer to keep away from the public eye.

This list includes some of the most hilarious kids’ drawings ever!

Chubby Problems

Here we have one of those early elementary exercises where a child is learning how to compose complete sentences. While there was probably some context missing here, the kiddo filling out their homework took it upon themselves to give a creative and honest answer.

When answering the question, “Who ate the most at the picnic?” the child answered, “My dad. He is chubby. He has a problem.” Ouch, well that’s one way to address a burgeoning weight problem, although the father in this equation would have probably preferred it not be addressed to his child’s teacher and class. If you can count on little ones for anything it is definitely the brutal truth.

World’s Greatest… Farter?!

Aw, how sweet. This little innocent child decided to make a card for his father that reads “World’s greatest farter!” Oh, wait, he crossed that out and wrote “father” instead, making his real opinions known. This is actually the perfect joke for dads, the world’s biggest connoisseurs of fart jokes.

Even better is the tiny illustration which seems to show some kind of poisonous gaseous cloud along with a skull and crossbones poison symbol in the middle of it. Perhaps the kid who wrote this is on their way to one day become a dad joke master. If that’s the case, he’s definitely off to a fantastic start.

The Mom Fake Out

Like the previous card which started out super sweet and aww-worthy, this one also took a savage turn. “Thank you, mom, for being wonderful, caring… and for not making your meatloaf anymore.” Mom’s cooking must have been pretty horrible for it to be the subject of a card.

On second thought, this card seems like it might have been made by a sneaky teenager. Either that or this young kid really hates meatloaf. Oh well, we’re sure that this mom was delighted to get a card no matter the occasion. At least her kid did recognize that she is also wonderful and caring!

A Little Too Honest

Most moms might indulge in a glass of wine in order to unwind from the stresses of a long week. This mom might partake in the activity a bit more frequently, as it is definitely something that her child has noticed.

Much to this particular mom’s horror, their child decided to share their mom’s love of wine with the entire class. Luckily for the mom, we’re sure that if anyone will understand this it’s definitely a teacher. At least it will be a funny memory to look back on one day and we’re sure it was a pretty funny moment for the teacher as well.

All About Dad

For this drawing, a little kid is taking part in one of those “all about dad or mom” assignments. In this case, dad is the issue at hand. For the part of the assignment that describes what dad does for a living, this kid says he is simply an “employee” which is a pretty hilarious yet apt response.

For what dad enjoys doing, the answer is equally funny – “drinking”. But when your kid thinks that’s all you enjoy doing you might want to question whether you are taking part in drinking a little bit too much!

The Fart Files

This one again comes from the “fart files” and instead of the typical dad, this kid has drawn their mom totally letting one loose. Moms are typically a little bit more touchy about their farts so she was probably none too pleased about being drawn this way.

Let’s hope this wasn’t one of those assignments that teachers end up posting on the wall outside the classroom. That might be a little more humiliating than the teacher alone seeing it, however, it would definitely give the rest of the school — especially all the other parents — a laugh.

Ellen Lover

Here is another assignment in which the child had to talk about their parent and describe what they do in their life. Most kids would probably write about their mom the doctor or their dad the mechanic, however, in this case the child talked a little bit more about leisure time.

This kiddo said their mom sits around watching Ellen all day. While this is pretty hilarious, we’re sure that even if mom stays at home she does a little bit more than sitting around in front of the TV. Then again, who can help themselves when it comes to Ellen?


When asked what mom should do less of, many kids might say that they think mom should do away with punishments or that they should talk on the phone less. However, this kid suggests that mom should drink less wine.

That probably means she’s seen her mom indulging quite a bit, so she might want to take her kid’s advice. At least her kid still drew her looking nice in a cute pink dress surrounded with hearts and pretty colors. This mom might want her kid to reveal a little less of her “wine nights” when she’s at school!

My Dad Is Eight

Here’s another one that isn’t exactly a drawing and yet is still so hilarious. Teachers often have little ones complete these forms because their answers are always funny. For instance, this girl thinks that her dad is “8 years old”, his favorite food is beer, he is funny when he farts and the two love to go to the dollar store together.

Sounds like this little girl has a pretty good eye on her daddy and he undoubtedly got a huge kick out of it when she brought it home. Let’s hope they framed this one because it will be cute to look back on for years to come.

Mom Transformation

There is really no better way to get called out than by your children who see you at your worst and your best. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that little eyes are watching you and yet they always are. This photo is one hilarious example of that. The mom’s transformation is particularly well documented.

From how mom looks when she wakes up in total disarray with wide eyes and crazy hair to her “going out look” complete with red lipstick, eyelashes and pink high heels – this kid nailed it! We think this tiny critic might have a future in comedy one day.

The Mommy-Daddy Difference

Evan created a beautiful drawing and of his mommy and daddy for his elementary school class. Can you spot the difference? Oh yes, of course, it’s that mommy has a cloud of “love” next to her while her dad has a different kind of gaseous cloud. You guessed it — another dad fart joke.

Apparently, there is just something about dads and farts that go hand in hand. In any given household, it seems to be a common experience that fathers are always the most flatulent of them all. The teacher also responded by putting a pretty funny sticker on the paper which simply reads, “Wow!”

The Evil Mom

Let’s hope this one wasn’t turned in to school because it would definitely raise some eyebrows. First, the child depicted an “evil snake” and it seems to have eaten an “evil mom”. The Evil Mom is then saying, “I don’t like people!”

Yikes! This little kid was definitely none too happy with their mom when they went about drawing this picture. Perhaps this kiddo wanted a pet snake and mom said no. Whatever the case, we hope that they got over their idea of having an “evil mom” at least before they need to turn in another art project to class!

Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Parents

This drawing seems to be done on one of those kid menus they give you at restaurants to occupy the youngsters while you wait for your order. The drawing left behind for the waitress to find is pretty funny. This kid drew a wrestling ring complete with a WWE sign. Then, the kid made sure to label the two stick figures as their mom and dad.

Clearly, Mom and Dad were not having the best dinner and were probably arguing a good bit. Through the eyes of a child, it might have seemed as though they were in their very own wrestling match. Either that or the kid is a huge fan of wrestling.

Mommy Role Model

This kid drawing got a lot of traction across the Internet when it first went viral several years ago. While the child seems to depict the mom on a pole with people giving her money, the original person who posted it years ago actually said that they work at Home Depot.

Apparently, the drawing is depicting the mom carrying some kind of tool (shovel, perhaps?) and people are spending their money at the store. Well, that was the “story” anyway. We bet the teacher who got this drawing had quite the laugh at this poor mom’s expense!

My Most Interesting Person…

This child had an assignment to write about the most interesting person in their life. It’s not unusual for kids to usually pick one of their parents and it might even be hard for them to choose just one. However, that is not the case with this kid. He savagely picked his dad over his mom “because she’s more like a regular mom.”

They actually took the time to write why they chose their dad over their mom which we don’t think was part of the assignment. Hopefully, their parents aren’t jealous people, because this could lead to a household controversy.

School Lunches Aren’t Up To Snuff

What we have here is a smart kid. They know that maybe they won’t get what they want in their lunch every day just by asking their parents, so they have to hint it at their teacher. If the teacher thinks that all they eat at lunch are stale Cheetos, then maybe the teacher will talk to the parent about the quality of their child’s lunches.

This is a calculated maneuver on this kid’s part and you really do have to respect the effort. This kid very well might rule the world one day.

Understand This Day

This son refuses to be a side thought, especially when it comes to father and son day. It looks like this dad may have forgotten about this special day, and ended up sleeping a little longer than his son would have liked.

So the kid decided that a nice semi-threatening note would help to remind him. He even added illustrations in order to really drive the idea home. We hope the dad didn’t mess up the next father and son day because things might get messy.

Facebook Love

Ah yes, a new generational problem: social media. This child created a comic book strip for class and told some interesting truths about their parents. They wrote, “My dad is allergic to Facebook but my mom loves it!”


It seems as though many men are not fans of Facebook although their better halves remain plugged into the social media stratosphere. It’s pretty funny that this little kiddo was already that paying so much attention to mom and dad to make such an astute observation. We can only imagine what social media will be like by the time this little kid is in a marriage of their own.

Frankie The Freeloader

Poor Frankie, chances that he doesn’t just know what a freeloader is and that somebody has probably called one more than once. There is an even greater chance that it was one of Frankie’s parents. Granted, they probably don’t mean it in an insulting way because by the looks of it, Frankie is in kindergarten.

We’re not sure what kind of assignment this even is because we don’t know too many kids this little that have to do chores to earn an allowance. Keep your chin up though, Frankie.

C’mon Mom

Wow, if this kid was willing to write a note to their mom asking her to please stop burping poop on their bed, it must have really gotten out of hand. What’s even better, was that this note might have been left at The Carolina Inn for some unsuspecting housekeeper to stumble upon.

Although it’s clearly written by a child, you can’t help but wonder what happened that made them actually write this note, because it probably didn’t just come from nowhere. We just hope that the mom has stopped her antics for the sake of her children.

You Go, Dad!

If this isn’t embarrassing for this kid’s father, then nothing probably is. Luckily, the kid has absolutely no idea what is going on which is what makes this funny more than anything. The real question here is why did this kid make this note and drawing because it seems like a very random thing to create otherwise.

Maybe they just needed to express themselves artistically to try and cope with this unusual circumstance in their life. maybe their dad found it and ill start to tone it down for the sake of his kid.

Wow Miss Mac

it looks like Miss mac must be doing something right if her students want her to look after them in the case that their own parents die. If anything, it sounds like they are hoping that their mom dies so that Miss Mac can help to fill the void of their lost mother.

Hopefully, Nina’s mom never actually saw this because this would be heartbreaking for any parent to see. Miss Mac should probably talk to Nina and let her know that she won’t be replacing her real mother anytime soon.

The Taking Boy

When we look at this picture, we can’t totally figure out what is actually going on here. Is the artist the “taking boy” who feels alienated from his family or is he Julian and the taking boy is just a strange entity that haunts his family and takes things from them.

Either way, this picture is a little upsetting however you look at it and we hope that the artist is getting the help that they probably need. Chances are, this fell into the hands of a teacher or a parent so it could be handled accordingly.

Who Do You Live With?

Although this is a child’s drawing which could represent a variety of things, it’s still just a little bit creepy. You can never fully tell if a kid is just using their imagination, or if they are being serious.

Considering that the person in the top left looks very similar to Jack Skelington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, we’re going to assume that this is just a kid having fun while drawing a picture. Because if it isn’t somebody might need to go and check in on this kid and their living situation.

Poor Mommy

While everything might seem like it’s all sunshine lollipops and rainbows for this little girl, clearly not everything is alright at home. While the point of the story might be for this little girl to express her deep love for pudding, in reality, it tells the very real story about a possibly failing marriage.

We’re just glad that the girl hasn’t figured that part out yet and her mom just keeps on giving her the pudding that she loves. Maybe her dad will even come home from dinner tonight and everything will be better.

Domestic Disturbance

By the looks of this picture, this child’s parents are having some pretty serious issues with their relationship. Although sometimes you might be able to learn about a child’s life at home from their pictures, this one paints a very obvious picture.

Hopefully the mom never actually either tried or succeeded in hitting the dad with her car, but you never know. Considering the smile on the mom’s face it looks like she took some serious pleasure in it. Who knows, maybe this is all one big joke and the kid is trying to get their parents in trouble.

This Is The Life!

Everything aside, you have to admit that everything going on in this picture is hilarious. The artist looks barely old enough to spell and they are already preaching their personal thoughts and beliefs about marriage.

However, it might also show how their parent’s relationship is if they’re already swearing off of it before they have ever even been in a relationship. We have to admit though, that stick figure does look like one happy stick figure living the single life. Maybe this kid is on to something.


You know that it’s bad when your own child knows that their mother’s favorite drink is vodka. They must be throwing that word around a lot for it to stick in the mind of a little kid. It’s also interesting that their mom laughs when they run into the wall.

Maybe she’s had a few vodkas before that which makes anything funny. But it’s okay the kid doesn’t seem to mind since their favorite thing to do is hug her and she cooks good chili. Maybe the mom will lay off the vodka and make some of her signature chili tonight.


Wow, this kid really didn’t hold back when it comes to talking about their mom. From her sub-par cooking skills to accusing her of stealing their money, they really left no stone unturned. They even blamed the time they were sick on her cooking which might just be crossing the line.

We also wonder how much money this kid has that she can actually even steal. However, after berating her with insults, they wrap up the note by saying how much they love her despite all of her flaws. That’s still pretty sweet, right?

Thank You For Not Leaving Me In A Box

We are also extremely happy that this kid’s mother didn’t leave them in a box somewhere as well. But this has to beg the question if maybe this was used as a threat before or they’ve actually been left in a box.

Upon seeing this, you very well might just question this mother’s disciplinary tactics because we don’t think that putting your kids inside of a box and leaving them is a very good strategy. It’s also very possible that they think their mother saved them from a box which is why she’s their mom. Kids are crazy sometimes.

A Daddy Skeleton

This child had the assignment to draw the anatomy of a skeleton, and they decided to draw what they call a “daddy skeleton”. Although it’s anatomically a little too correct, maybe it’s time that this dad starts wearing a towel around the house.

We think we can all agree that there comes an age when maybe it’s no longer totally appropriate to treat your house like the Garden of Eden with your little kids anymore. It also looks like this drawing still made the board so we assume that none of the other kids knew what was off about this picture either.

Love You, Mom

Most mothers can agree that there’s nothing sweeter than receiving a handwritten card from your own children. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, or their birthday, it’s one of the most personal things you can do to show your affection.

Although these kids may have certainly tried, it’s pretty obvious that they had another message that they wanted to send as well. No other card tells you how someone really feels unless they draw a primitive picture of them giving you the bird. They probably learned it from their own mother…

The Wheels On The Bus…

This kid was supposed to draw an illustration for the song “The Wheels On The Bus”, but we guess they had something else in mind. If you were a teacher and saw this, you’d most likely suspect that there aren’t very strict parental controls over the television or this is a common phrase tossed around at home.

All of that aside, it’s still a pretty good drawing considering the rather scandalous content. Maybe the creator is just a troubled artist and they are in the process of finding their own unique style.

Money Makes The World Go Round

This cute card was created by Shira for her Aunt. In the card she thanks her Aunt, or “Tita,” for always loving her and taking care of her. Shira also says that she knows that her Aunt loves money, which already a pretty hilarious observation for a child. She continues, “But I have none at this time, SORRY.”

Instead, she draws an emoji with money signs for eyes and also some money. Well, you know what they say, it’s the thought that counts. It’s clear that this little girl definitely cares for her beloved Aunt and would surely give her money if she had any at her young age.

It’s Important For Mom To Let Her Hair Down

It seems like a lot of moms these days definitely enjoy imbibing in wine. Here is another from the “wine files”. This kiddo’s class writes down their daily news and what happened in their lives that was important to them. For this little boy, he got to go play with his friend Lucas but his mom also “got drunk.”

Perhaps, she wasn’t actually drunk and just enjoyed a drink or two. It’s even funnier that the teacher responded with “Oh goodness me. It’s important for mom to let her hair down once in a while.” Although there’s a good chance the teacher probably totally relates to mom in this instance.

The Dad Science Project

This child is at the age where they are learning about solids, liquids, and gases in their science class. This might mean they were probably old enough to know better than to make a joke like this but they went for it anyway. Under the “gases” section they decided to depict a photo of their dad passing gas.

Technically, they are right. It would be pretty difficult to figure out what to draw for a gas anyway. Even funnier is that in the background of the drawing is a person, presumably the child who drew this, shouting in displeasure. We wonder if this kid got points for their creative answer.

The Scary Joke

We hope this one is a joke. The caption at least definitely looks as though it was written by an adult. It reads, “Today I had a fun time mom and dad and the cat. Even the demon left us alone this time…” Yikes! Hopefully, this is just someone goofing around and not an actual Poltergeist-like situation.

The “demon” in question actually resembles the scary character from the movie The Babadook, so perhaps it’s just someone’s twisted humor. Either way, imagine if you were a teacher and a child turned this drawing in. Someone’s definitely getting a trip to the school counselor!

I’m A Freeloader

This kid didn’t mince their words and for that, we love him. Because deep down, we definitely feel the same way. At least we know exactly where this kid stands on finding a job and supporting themselves. Maybe their attitude will change in the future and they’ll pick up a job or two, but honestly, we don’t know.


In the meantime, enjoy your free ride kid, it won’t last forever! What we would give to have nap time again!

This Teacher Received A Lesson In English

If you want the children in your classroom to give a certain answer, you should really consider how you pose the question. This student made a valid point and all they received was a -7 on the question. We really hope they knew the answer but wanted to mess with their teacher’s poor grammar choice.


You know, if we were teachers, we might go ahead and give this kid a point or two for creativity. Hey, he’s technically not wrong!

Write “Or” And Fail This Test

Alright, so technically this kid should have written < or > for each answer, but still, we know what they meant. Kids have crazy imaginations and what they dream up is usually pretty dang hilarious – but at the end of the day, they still have to give the right answers if they want to get ahead in school.


We hope that this teacher understood that this kid was just confused or messing around and let them retake the test.

There Could Be Truth In This Answer

The real answer was most likely B (Darwin’s theory of evolution says that animals able to adapt are more likely to survive), but this kid wasn’t having any of it. The death of that giraffe must have hit home because to call something a heartless creature is highly hurtful.


Or just maybe this kid has no interest in giraffes at all and is just not really an animal person, either.

This Answer Is Technically Right

This kid almost got this answer wrong because of their improper math but they recovered nicely and provided a completely suitable answer! With that in mind, we think we’d at least give him some points.


Thinking about it more, can you name six different animals that live in the Arctic? Seriously. We can’t! We give this kid bonus points for at least giving an answer that is technically correct, and we hope his teacher did too.

Well, That Escalated Quickly

If this kid’s path towards world domination is any indication we almost understand now why people who have attempted to rule the world failed. Maybe he should focus on building out his career, finding someone nice to settle down with and then go after world domination.


Technically, his answer is correct, even if world domination at such a young age is a bit daunting. Who knows though? Stranger things have happened.

Wrong Hue

If you are going to give the wrong answer why not make it Hugh Jackman, right? At least the teacher thought this kid gave a clever answer. But the ‘clever’ note may be all this student got. We don’t know if they were given credit for their snarky answer but we think it deserves a round of applause in the least. Very clever indeed.


We think if it made the teacher laugh (even if just a little), this student deserves a point or two.

Not A Fan

This kid thinks school is hell and you know, he’s not entirely wrong. We’ve got news for you kid, there are millions of people who agree with you. At times, we were some of those millions!


We’re going out on a limb here to blame the American education system for failing this kid. We predict he’ll work in middle management one day where he can make his underlings’ lives hell.

Saturn Isn’t A Single Lady

“Saturn was not a single lady.” That might be the most strange answer this teacher has ever had to write out for an incorrect test answer. (Not to mention, Saturn still exists…) This teacher seems a bit closed-minded to us. Carry on, kid.


In all seriousness though, we loved both the student’s answer and the teacher’s response. If we can’t bond over a mutual love of Beyonce then what can we bond over?

They Named Everything Like Asked

This attempt at a geometry lesson went sideways very quickly. Also, this kid spelled “Harry” wrong and whoever heard of the bizarre name someone “Tedison”? In any case, this student did name the quadrilaterals and that’s what the test question asked them to do.


This won’t fly in college, at least in most classes, so we hope this kid enjoys it while it lasts. And that they put their creativity to good use!

I Used Math — Give Me An ‘A’ Please

Math problems seem to deliver the funniest answers, for some reason. When kids decide to get sassy during a test that’s supposed to be about numbers and logic, it’s just the perfect setting for hilarity.


This kid nailed their response with a simple answer, “math.” We’re big fans of letting the answer speak for itself so in our book this young child should have received an A+ just for this answer alone.

Technically, He Did

The test question only said to expand the answer. By adding more spacing after each part of his answer this kid did exactly as instructed. Sure it’s not worth an “A” on his test, at least his teacher admitted that it was “very funny.”


Kids’ minds tend to work in some mysterious and funny ways. If only that creative way of thinking lasted past grade school for most of us, we’d be set.

It Was Found

Well teacher, there it is. Right there, above that line. That was probably the easiest question on the test! I know I aced that one.


Oh wait, you mean that’s not what the question meant? Variables were never an easy concept to understand and this kid showed that you need to be specific or else you might not get exactly what you were looking for. In cases like these, partial credit is a good idea.

Bob Isn’t Left With Just 7 Candy Bars

Whoever took this test was just being realistic. Forget the math involved, let’s look at the real concerning issue here and discuss the fact that Bob just ate 29 candy bars. Who does that? The person who took this test realized the absurdity of that endeavor and hit the answer with some facts.


What on earth was this teacher thinking anyway? The question is ridiculous. No one needs that many candy bars.

Good One

You really can’t deny that this is the right answer. Like we just said, sometimes you need to be specific. When you sign most things, it’s always at the bottom so this kid just used common sense to answer this question.


And they didn’t have to study for this question. This test question represents the kind of school life that all students want. At least, the ones who don’t want to learn things.

We Have An Artist On Our Hands

That plant looks highly depressed that it’s been locked away. The drawing is almost as flawless as it is simple… it shows a plant inside a “cell.” Although the test was clearly asking for a different kind of cell, this one is technically correct.


The most important parts are identified as “iron bars” and “no windows.” This isn’t your ordinary smart answer, this is art in the face of pressure that deserved some credit.

Do We Have A Zombie On Our Hands?

Zombies have been a huge craze for a few years now, which shows like The Walking Dead helped start, so maybe that can explain this creepy yet comical (depending on how you look at it) answer.


We know, or at least hope, that this child has not actually eaten any brains and isn’t speaking from memory but only speaking based on what he or she has heard on the TV.

She Couldn’t See!

Scientists and those students who find themselves in science classes know the real answer here, but this kid seems to have forgotten why Miranda can’t see down the microscope.


But putting down the answer “she is blind” was a pretty clever thing to try. You never know when the teacher will reward cleverness but a “nice try” comment is a decent consolation prize. Even better if it had come with a sticker.

Excuse Me, What?

This kid missed the whole intended target, and then they messed up on the geography slant they were going for with their answers. He or she didn’t even spell the states correctly.


They also clearly got their states mixed up. You can’t put all the blame on them, however. Remembering the different states of matter could be a trick, we admit, but picking the names of U.S. states is not acceptable.

He’s Being Honest

In 100 years, many of us might be gone. It’s not sad it is just a fact of life. We can’t avoid death and taxes. Warren seems to already be ahead of the curve by figuring this simple fact out. Maybe he shouldn’t be so grim, though.


It could scare the other kids or the teacher! No one really likes to be reminded of their own mortality. Warren probably didn’t get a good grade on this assignment.

All Facts

Where is the lie? This kid must have caught the love bug early or the parents raising him or her have a very magical relationship. If you were the teacher, would you have given credit for an answer like this?


We would have! After all, it’s love we are talking about… a very positive aspect of life. This answer is a lot more positive than the one Warren just gave.

I’m Mr. Lonely

These kids just seem to be getting wittier and wittier. Nothing should prompt a kid to put this type of answer on a test unless they believed they would actually get points for being funny or for at least trying.

lone-26285 (1)

It also says something about the teacher if a kid is this comfortable at putting this type of answer. After all, it’s easier to learn if you feel like you can be yourself at school.