Parenting Isn’t Going According To Plan For These Parents

You can try to read every parenting book that has ever published, babysit to practice, attend weekly pre-baby courses, and get advice from other parents… and still not be prepared in any way, shape, or form when the baby does really come.

Kids will continue to surprise you and leave you baffled. All you can do is try your best and laugh at the mistakes.

Keep The Diapers On At All Times

baby pees on dad's sweatpants
Photo Credit: @ploetzlichpapas / Instagram
Photo Credit: @ploetzlichpapas / Instagram

“My daddy fail is having them in my arms – naked due to the superb weather – and she apparently thought it so relaxing that she let go and pissed all over me.”

Let’s just hope they were not in public because the location of the wet spot makes it look like he’s the guilty one.