Parents Who Said They Didn’t Want A Dog And Now Are Madly In Love With Their Pets

When it comes to dogs, does no really mean no? Look at those big innocent eyes, the wagging tail, that cute way they lick their behind and then your face. It would take an absolute stone-cold stoic to refuse that puppy love when it’s brought home. Or a monster, just saying.

Check out these parents who took a hard stance and then later had their hearts absolutely incinerated by their pets. I see your firm dad ‘no’ and I raise you one golden retriever puppy.

These Cuddle Buds

dad dog sleeping puppy on head
Photo Credit: salpalxx / Reddit
Photo Credit: salpalxx / Reddit

You could look at this photo and say ‘that doesn’t seem like the dad changed his mind about having a dog.’ Oh, contraire my friend. This is an example of a dad-pupper bond that eclipses all else. The dad is so comfortable with the dog he didn’t even wake up to a paw in the eye.

These two are so in sync that they’re probably having the same dreams right now. The dog is going to wake up feeling the urge to mow the lawn and the dad is going to have a strong craving for kibble.