Parents Feeling The Wrath Of Their Children’s Boredom

Having a family is such a blessing. It will bring you more joy and happiness than many other things in life. Having a family is also not a walk in the park and will be filled with moments that are just a bit frustrating. Especially when you’re stuck spending a little bit too much time around one another, or worse, when the children are bored.

Bored children are a force like no other, and it’s a force not to be trifled with.

At Least They Were Trying To Do Something Nice

kids made a mess trying to make coffee
Photo Credit: Reddit / Yecal03
Photo Credit: Reddit / Yecal03

Children have this special way of making a bigger mess than actually helping when they set out to do something nice. But let’s not get too worked up about it, because their heart was in the right place.