Parents Who Are Improvising Their Way Through Life

Some days, being a parent can feel like you’re on top of the world and don’t need any help. Other days can feel like complete chaos and you find yourself counting down the hours until bedtime.

All of these parents decided to go with the flow or improvise a solution to get through the day, but sometimes all you can do is laugh it off.

This Kiddie Cop Car Got A Makeover

Do you remember the classic Fisher-Price children’s police cars with mini squeak horns, radios, and tiny siren lights?

Fisher Price plastic kid's police car painted to look like ice cream truck
Photo Credit: NomNomFruityPebbles / Reddit
Photo Credit: NomNomFruityPebbles / Reddit

These parents repurposed the Tikes car from their childhood and gave it a DIY ice cream truck makeover so that their own children can play with it.