Parents Share How They Really Feel About Kids’ TV Shows

Being a parent is great because you always have a kid to take with you when a new Disney movie comes out in theaters. You imagined yourself getting to relive all your favorite movies with them, but what you didn’t realize is that children’s TV programs are the worst.

Peppa Pig, Dora, Elmo—you’re going to grow to hate them just a little bit, and then you’ll have to question why you feel resentment toward a cartoon character. The only upside is eventually they’ll move on from Paw Patrol, but you’ll never forget it.

And Today He’s Going To Tell You About It 81 Times

Once your kid finds their favorite show, you’re going to do everything you can to change that show, because you never want to hear about Elmo, or listen to Elmo, or sing with Elmo, or tickle Elmo again for as long you live.

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Photo Credit: Twitter / @Dadpression
Photo Credit: Twitter / @Dadpression