Parents Share Life Lessons That Completely And Hilariously Backfired

As parents, we all want what’s best for our kids. So we try and teach them everything we can about life, from basic table manners to how we should treat others. A lot of these lessons “stick” and make positive lasting impressions on our children but a few of them slide through the cracks. By a long shot, it’s those failed lessons that make the best stories. Reddit users recently shared some of their most hilarious, LOL-worthy parental lesson fails. Read on and be prepared to cry-laugh at the things kids were able to misinterpret about their parents’ life lessons.

“Be Grateful For What You Have”


When Reddit user Forever_monstro’s son reached three years old, he started showing signs of being a little too materialistic. So Forever_monstro did what any good parent would do and tried to teach him to be grateful by showing him photos of kids around the world who didn’t have much at all. One of the pictures showed a child holding his only toy, a beat-up stuffed monkey.

How did Forever_monstro’s son react? “After a long bit of silence, he finally looked up at me, gave me a sweet smile and said, ‘I want that monkey.’”