Parents Are Sharing The Things Their Kids Will Never Forget

Kids are like elephants: they literally never forget. You can tell them something in passing and they’ll latch onto it and then tell everyone they know and everyone they meet about all the things you wish they’d keep to themselves.

Any parent knows that this becomes magnified when you do something that your kid thinks has wronged them. Then all bets are off and they become ruthless.

Now They Have Cash On Hand All The Time

Tweet: One time we had to take money from our son's piggy bank to pay the babysitter in cash. Drove to ATM first thing next morning to reimburse him. Ten years later, he still talks about that one time we stole all of his money.
Photo Credit: Twitter / @denisemassar
Photo Credit: Twitter / @denisemassar

Not only did this kid carry on about this with his parents, but you just know that he told the babysitter over and over again.

Thank goodness for the invention of e-transfers, right? No more messy piggy bank messes.