Parents That Are So Extra They Might As Well Be Guac

Some of us are extremely extra. Everything we do, we do it big and are aggressively annoying about it. Whether it’s excessively yelling in an argument, or throwing a surprise birthday party for your cat — over-exaggerating and crossing the line just run in our blood. Literally.

For most, this “extra-ness” comes from somewhere, and it’s usually our parents. Growing up and watching your parents over-do everything just engrains the mindset and we automatically have to be extra by association. Here’s a list of some of the most extra parents, being, well, themselves.

Take A Picture Or Else You Won’t See The Light Of Day

Having an outfit that’s on fleek and wanting to show it off isn’t just a millennial thing. Is your outfit even nice if you don’t get the satisfaction and dopamine hit that comes from at least 11 likes and 4 comments on Facebook? The answer is no. You might as well have worn sweatpants and a hoodie.

Eating Gourmet Is Just A Mindset

Why would you buy a meal that costs you $60 when you could buy a meal from KFC for $10 and make it look gourmet? When you’re full, you’re full. Food is just a means to an end, and let’s be honest — Nobu isn’t any better than some nice hearty chicken courtesy of Colonel Sanders.

Lesson Learned

Uh oh, it’s the parent who isn’t afraid to go to drastic measures to teach their kid a lesson. This girl will be scarred for life. Nevermind skipping school, this girl won’t be a minute late for her curfew up until the age of 25 after this. The absolute devastation of having your dad walk you to school in a dress would be unmatched.

Really Wants Social Media Likes

Now that our parents and grandparents are getting onto social media, they’re starting to feel left out. They see young people getting a significant amount of likes on their posts and wonder what they’re doing wrong. They’ve started seeing what their kids post and then copy it (the best they physically can) as a hail mary for attention.


As a parent, on your kid’s graduation you’re happy for everyone, but realistically you couldn’t care less about anyone other than your own. If it takes printing out big cardboard cutouts of your boy to ensure that he feels the love more than any other kid in the ceremony, that’s what you do.

Smuggling The Good Good

Why do you have to re-mortgage your house just to buy a small popcorn at the movie theater? Also, where are the healthy alternatives? What if you’re gluten, vegan, and dairy free but still want to have something to snack on when watching the 16th Harry Potter movie? This mom has the right idea.


Why are dog owners the most extra people alive? Dogs have fur for a reason, they don’t need a full North Face parka to go out in 60-degree weather, I think they’ll be fine. The dogs are going to be way more comfortable than the human probably is. It’s also very obvious that dogs don’t like dressing like this.

Dads Don’t Need Filters

While every young person is covering themselves with flower filters left, right, and center, this dad is on team “au natural” which advocates for pictures being taken with no filters. He’s showing his daughter that you don’t need to glow up to look good. He’s very effective at proving this point.

Who’s A Good Boy?

It’s probably best that this dog is getting its picture drawn from this street artist because those things are not flattering for humans. You go in excited to see what the cartoon version of you looks like, only to find out that you look like a scarier version of Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians.

When Your Mom Still Has It

Look, even married moms want some attention every once in a while. It’s flattering to have someone hit on you after years of getting the same attention from the same man. This mom isn’t willing to give up this attention and hand it off to her daughter who she sees as a downgrade. Ouch.

Bath Tub Or A Prince’s Bed?

I feel like if you have those curtains for your bathtub there always has to be rose petals sprinkled in the water. Heck, that water better be spritzed with lemon flavoring as well. This might also be the opening to some sort of bougee Narnia-esque world where everything is made from pure gold.

The Best Halloween Costume Ever

Imagine looking back at your baby photos only to realize that you will never have a better costume than when you were 10 weeks old. That would be absolutely demoralizing and would probably linger with you for the rest of your life. One problem that they probably didn’t think about though — how are they supposed to grab candy?

Who Said Pink Fluff Wasn’t In?

If you think that bald dads can’t be FABULOUS than you’ve obviously never met this one. We’re going to call him the bald Paris Hilton because he’s looking like an absolute boss with that phone case. The practicality of it is also very important to note. It doubles as a pillow. Bam.

The Never Ending Clean

Anyone who has extra parents know that this punishment is very real. Sometimes this type of agony comes in the form of having to wash the windows of the house in the pouring rain and not being allowed to come inside until they’re dry. It works, trust me. Your room is in immaculate condition for the rest of your life.

Reading? What’s Reading?

Kids just aren’t reading as much anymore. They don’t have to now that their Ipads have everything they need. Books are becoming a thing of the past and it’s not productive. Long-form reading is a foreign concept to many kids who are having attention spans that rival that of a squirrel.

Uh, Hello? This Isn’t Comfortable For Me

Some mirrors just suck you into a selfie and there’s nothing you can do about it. If the mirror is big and the lighting is good, it doesn’t matter if your baby needs to be changed — a picture needs to be taken. This baby is peak uncomfortable which is perfectly explained by her facial expression.

Dad! You’ll Never Understand

Millenials take a lot of heat for the antics that they pull on social media. Dads will never understand how influential a picture of your legs with a cup of coffee in bed really is to this girl’s followers. They have the perception she’s in a mindset of pure bliss, but in reality, she’s anxious, depressed, and stressed all at once.

Mom Getting Too Real

Sometimes when your ego is inflated for no reason, it takes someone close to you to bring you back down to earth. In this case, momma bear jumped from the top rope and elbowed a huge truth bomb on her son. This isn’t exactly what you want to hear when you’re chronically single, but sometimes it needs to be said.

First Rule Of Drinking Fanta, Never Mess With The Fanta

No one messes with this girl’s Fanta and gets away with it. This face screams retaliation is coming. Word on the street says that this little girl took a blue Gatorade and replaced it with bleach. I don’t think that the person taking this picture is alive anymore, which is a lesson learned.

Darkness Is The Enemy

Your parents are the light at the end of the tunnel. In this case, she literally gave him a lightbulb to brighten up his room, but this idea works figuratively as well. In the darkest days, your parents are always the bright light that helps lead you in the direction that you should be going.