Parents Who Took A Stand And It Turned Out Horribly Wrong

We’re all trying our best as parents, okay? Despite raising literal mongrels who periodically forget that food goes in the mouth and that wiping in the bathroom isn’t optional, we still hope for the best. So we make rules—that get thrown out the window in five minutes of course.

These parents took a stand against the forces of chaotic destruction that kids are. I don’t even really need to tell you that they definitely lost more control than they gained. These are kids we’re talking about here.

When His Dad Told Him To “Stay On The Toilet Until You’re Done” He Probably Didn’t Know About The Sharpie

kid sitting on the toilet
Photo Credit: Reddit
Photo Credit: Reddit

A true artist never really finishes their work. They’re constantly thinking about it, working it over in their heads, and growing it into something they can be proud of. Even if it does send their dad to an early grave.