Payback Reared Its Ugly Head At These People

No matter what you do in life, there will always be people who are jerks. These are the same people who don’t hold the door for others, cutting you off on the highway, and questioning everything that’s on the menu at Starbucks. Those types of people usually get payback when they least expect it.

Badge Of Shame

She’s embarrassed about doing this, but let this be a lesson why you shouldn’t steal from Walmart.


Outside of the cameras and security, you’re probably going to get caught before you walk out of the store. Her judge probably sentenced her to do this for a month straight.

The Most Important Thing Behind A Dine And Dash

Clearly, things didn’t work out perfectly for this couple. It seems obvious that they have never dined and dashed before, and now they’re out a pair of Ray Bans.


They wouldn’t be caught dead going back to the restaurant to get those glasses, and that waitress just scored a tip of a lifetime.

You Aren’t Handicapped When…

How difficult is it to not park in a handicap spot? You need a sticker that validates you to park there, with a disability.


Sometimes, I wonder how people don’t have any common sense.

I’m With Stupid

The donkey wants to be in on the fun. He just wants to feel less awkward and make the older brother look foolish.

It’s always entertaining to see how these photos turn out. If anything, the kid should be lucky the donkey didn’t kick him in the butt.

Cops Aren’t Above The Law

Whatcha gonna do when they tow your car? Bad cops, bad cops. Heck, even Chief Wiggum knows not to park somewhere like this. It’s so much worse if you’re an authoritative figure too.

Coming up, a reason why nobody should EVER park in front of a fire hydrant.

She’s Coming For You

Heads up, your ex is coming for you. Whether you complained about her Snapchats or slid into her best friend’s DM’s, this is your headstart.

The second she comes off the subway, she’s going to make sure that you don’t see another day. Or, she’s going to her dads to drop off his supplies.

Never, Ever Park By A Hydrant

This is why there’s a law behind not parking in front of hydrants. For reasons that are obvious, firefighters need access to water to actually do their jobs.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Junk Mail That Nobody Wants

Mail that’s not important is absolutely crap. Yeah, it’s junk mail, but it’s really stuff that nobody wants.

All you need to do is make a statement. Just write a quick note with seventeen dollars in pennies. Send it back, and they’ll think twice about bothering you again.

Hit And Run Failure

So, this is a hit and run no one has seen before. The fact that the license plate fell off the front/back of the car is a mystery that remains unsolved.

All we know is that people are nuts.

Get Out, If You Can

Read between the lines, people! Your smart car might be small, but it’s small enough to fit inside the lines, where every car should be. It’s going to be hilarious to see that person try to climb into the driver’s side.

Maybe next time, they should follow the rules.

No Popcorn? Lame

What college residence does this? You know, students want their popcorn for studying, drinking, or their actual dinner. You can’t just tell students to not make popcorn, or else, you’re going to have a response like this.

Honestly, popcorn is one of the go-to food products when you’re down to your last meal in residence.

Taking Care Of Business

Let this be a friendly reminder that nobody can beat the system. These garbage men made sure to leave your car in the best condition ever.

Although, all the driver needs to do is move the bins to the side, but still. Message received.

What Goes Around, Comes Around

You have to be careful out there. If you don’t treat people nicely, it’s going to come back to haunt you.

This guy must be over the moon that he got his redemption. If he beats her in the vote, that would be a comeback story for the ages.

She Should Have Used Spray Paint

Alright, vandalizing someone’s property is wrong, but we’re on Nikki’s side here. It sounds like her husband Dave is a real winner — hanging out with his girlfriend when he has a wife and kids at home.

At least his wife clearly got the last word in. We just wish she would have used spray paint to make things a little more permanent.

Let’s Play A Game

There are few things worse than people who park in handicap parking spots when they aren’t disabled.

While sometimes these losers get ticketed by the police, other times they get away with it scot-free. But not today. Have fun getting out of this one!

My Face, My Beautiful Face!

Everybody tries to get their face plastered onto Google street view. Unfortunately, they blur out our beautiful faces anytime they’re out and about.

For this guy, he gave Google a taste of their own medicine. It’s not like they’ll care because they work for Google and pretty much run the world.

The Great Facebook Status

I never read Moby Dick, but Call me Ishmael, dummy. Don’t go posting statuses bragging about something you never did.

People are going to think it’s fake news and it’s the last thing they want to see on social media. Maybe if they read the book, they wouldn’t feel so foolish.

Another Outed Cheater

We’d hate to be Michael right about now. But his ex-wife Jennifer is the one who’ll have the last laugh when everyone from their hometown sees this wonderful billboard.

Not only did she spend a lot of money to do this, but it was all worth it knowing she used half of her ex-husband’s money…

This One Had To Be Painful

This girlfriend was truly out for revenge. After finding out her boyfriend cheated on her, she didn’t think twice about throwing his most prized possession down the drain, literally.

After all, isn’t that pretty much what he did with their relationship when he decided to go behind her back?

Nothing Worse Than Poor Service

Have you ever been to a restaurant and it took forever for a server to actually acknowledge your presence after being sat?

That’s exactly what happened to these people, who apparently waiting 30 minutes before realizing they should just leave. Now the waiters have to pay for their poor customer service skills.

Don’t Be This Guy

What is it about people with big trucks that makes them think they own the road? This guy certainly thought he was cool enough to take up not two, but FOUR whole parking spots at the risk of inconveniencing others in what looks like a busy parking lot.

We’re sure plenty of people who were looking for parking were upset to see this but one good samaritan got revenge for all of them.

Speak Loudly

We all have those co-workers we can’t stand but have to tolerate. Luckily, there are satisfying ways to make our lives a little more enjoyable while simultaneously making theirs worse ad serving up a little revenge.

We hope this trick worked!

Put On Blast In His Own Home

Again with the cheating! We’re not happy to see unloyal husbands, but we are happy to see their wives delivering them the karma they deserve, served cold…extra cold.

Honestly, there are few things more embarrassing than being put on blast in your own home but this wife gave zero you-know-whats.

That’s Not Coffee Creamer

Let this be a warning for those of you who are guilty of snacking on coworkers’ foods. Don’t do it.

Even if you think you aren’t doing anything wrong by taking the littlest sip of creamer, get your hands off the things that aren’t yours and drive your cheap self to the store…or this could happen to you.

Hasn’t Anyone Learned By Now?

The person in the silver pickup clearly has no consideration for others. It’s one thing to park badly and take up two stalls, but it’s an entirely different thing to park the wrong way and take up a whole slew of spaces!

Looks like the person in the Smart Car had the right idea because now, the pickup can’t get out.

If I Can’t Have Mine, No One Can

When you work in an office with a communal fridge, don’t EVER mess with something that’s not yours. Someone threw this person’s drink away in the trash and that person had shown no mercy in getting their revenge.

Honestly, we’d hate to be this person’s coworker, but then again, we wouldn’t have thrown away their drink.

This One’s A Little Different…

So far we’ve seen plenty of scorned women getting revenge on their cheating husbands and boyfriends, but what happens when it’s the girl who cheats?

Not only did this guy kick his girlfriend out of the house, but to get rid of her stuff, he just put it on the sidewalk for anyone to take.

That’s Not Gonna Wipe Off

Is there anything more soul-crushing than being cheated on? Alright maybe, but still. Being cheated on is never fun and no one should have to deal with it.

But not everyone gets over a rough break up by crying into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and we are here for it. He’s gonna have to think about his mistakes for a long time!

Lost Dog

This is one of the most beautiful displays of karma we’ve seen. Like we’ve mentioned, not everyone cries into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s after a breakup and we’re stoked about it.

We hope Jordan (and everyone else on campus) saw these glorious signs and will now think twice before breaking someone’s heart.

Change The Roll Next Time

If one thing’s for certain, this lazy roommate will definitely change the roll of toilet paper next time. That is, if there even is a next time. Just kidding.

Honestly, there are few things more annoying than living with someone who doesn’t change the roll when it’s done but this a great way to change their behavior.


As if you needed more reasons to not cheat on your significant other, here’s another. This girl was wronged by her scumbag boyfriend but is clearly living her best life watching her favorite NFL team play.

We just hope the cheating ex saw her smiling from the couch.

Ah, Sweet, Sweet Karma

Alright, so this photo is still pretty wholesome and these girls are probably the best of friends.

But still, we can’t help but love that the universe decided to dish up a plate of instant karma for the girl on the right.

Don’t Mess With A Girl’s Food

So, this one might be a little crazy, but it’s true, you should never come between a girl and her food.

Looks like her boyfriend took a little taste without her permission, but looks like she’ll be getting the last laugh when she sends him that “I’m late” text. Look out, boys.

National Love Your Pet Day

Trying to take a selfie with a dog is a struggle. They have to sit still and wait patiently while you try to work the camera.

It usually doesn’t go as you hoped, and the dog will just assume you’re being cute and start kissing you. That’s what you get for trying to be cute on every animals favorite day.

Parking Justice

This clever vigilante is teaching a valuable and mildly annoying lesson to a careless parker by using a zip-tie to connect a shopping cart to the driver-side door handle.


No one got hurt, maybe just a little embarrassed, and they might think twice next time they decide to take up two spaces.

Grandma Bernie Is Ashamed Of You

This is bad news for Bernie’s family. Full-page color ads are not cheap and Bernie’s contribution to what many say is a dying industry will certainly keep the presses running for a few more weeks.


Although the money will soon be gone, we can only hope that her relatives still read magazines and might learn a little about the downsides of greed.

I Went Home

Even though Breyon’s boyfriend attempted to alter her portrait after her initial Inglourious Basterds style payback, he’s still going to have to explain it to future prospects.


“Cool tattoo, what is that?” “Uh, well after I cheated on my last girl… uh, I mean… it’s a tribal symbol?”

Drive A Few Miles In Their Truck

Empathy is sometimes learned after you’ve walked a mile in someone’s shoes, but what could you learn by driving a few miles in their truck?


The photo’s original poster explains: “I put this on my homophobic dad’s work truck after he yelled at me, and mainly my girlfriend, for being gay.”

MySpace Tom, FTW

Polo clearly stepped in it here. Not only is he still an active user on the social media platform he is deriding, but he’s just been faced by the most popular guy on MySpace.


Maybe it’s time to go hunting for the login to that old Friendster account? Ah, simpler times…

They Are Expecting A Baby

Advertising is a great way to air your personal grievances. This box ad not only lets Patrick and Shara personally know that they have been busted, but it also lets the entire town know that these two might not be the greatest people.


For Shara’s friends and family, it can also double as a baby shower announcement!

Thank You?

It appears that someone in this household is either unaware of their massive shedding or a sasquatch has been sneaking in and using the shower.


It is said that success is the best revenge, so not only did this disgruntled roomie send a clear message about their boundaries, they have created a new font.

Pink Terror

How do you think this flamingo fanatic would have responded if the neighbor had talked to them instead of calling the police? We’re guessing they might not be the most reasonable person on the block.


The problem with this revenge is that they will have to remove the flamingos every time they need to cut the grass or risk getting another visit from Johnny Law.

That’s One Way To Get Rid Of Her

Tattoos might be permanent (more or less), but that doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have a picture of your cheating ex-girlfriend on your body forever. Just look at this person, who found the perfect way to cover her portrait up with something more fitting.


This went from a sweet-looking girl next door to something out of a horror movie.

Revenge Of The Smart Car

At first, it may appear that these two vehicles have a symbiotic relationship, similar to a shark that allows a remora fish to safely clean its scales.


But in reality, this plucky little eco-car is providing an important lesson about how parking lots work to this inconsiderate driver (and still staying within the boundaries of its allotted space!).