People Are Doing Some Strange Things With Their Elf On The Shelf

Does your family participate in the Elf on the Shelf tradition? We love how creative some parents get with this whole endeavor. Sometimes we think that Elf on the Shelf is even more fun for parents than it is for kids. These people really went above and beyond with their Elf on the Shelf scenes this year.

Keep reading to see elves from pop culture, elves who got into some real trouble, and elves who are just having a good time.

Christmas Is Coming

elf sitting on a candy cane throne
Photo Credit: Sahmba / Reddit
Photo Credit: Sahmba / Reddit

Young kids may not get this Game of Thrones reference, but we certainly do. Don’t do it for the kids, do it for the internet points. We’re very impressed with this handcrafted candy cane throne.