People Are Sharing Pictures Of Themselves Vs. Their Parents At The Same Age

Times have changed, and so have standards, expectations, and lifestyles. Most of our parents were married and with kids by their mid-20s. Some of us, on the other hand, are still single, divorced, or figuring out how to put the toddler to sleep so we can have wine by 7 p.m.

People have taken to Twitter to post side-by-side pictures of where their parents were at their age vs. where they are now.

The Life Of The Party

parents in jamaica vs girl drinking bagged wine
Photo Credit: 901omo / Twitter
Photo Credit: 901omo / Twitter

You could tell both the parents and the kids like to have a good time, their methods just differ a bit. The parents could afford to go on a trip to Jamaica, while the daughter will have to settle for bagged wine.