Honey, I Switched The Kids! People Share Times Identical Twins Got Mixed Up

Picking out baby names is an important and fun part of the pregnancy process. You sit down and brainstorm a list of names, slowly eliminating options until you reach the right one. With twins, you get to have double the fun and pick out two.

Raising two babies at the exact same time is hard enough without the added challenge of trying to tell them apart. When someone asked if any parents had ever accidentally mixed up their twins on Reddit, people were quick to share their identical twin stories.

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Photo Credit: ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images
Photo Credit: ANGELA WEISS / AFP via Getty Images

“My grandfather and his twin brother loved to use their similarity to their advantage. My favorite story was that they had to renew their driver’s licenses, but one of them couldn’t make the appointment. So one of them just went twice – and just put on a hat the second time.”