People Who Are Clearly The Menace In Their Family

In every family, there is at least one person who is trouble, to say the least. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, you just know that things are going to be interesting when they are around. For some of us, we only see them on the holidays or once in a while, but for others, the family troublemaker lives under their very own roof and they have to endure their shenanigans day in and day out.

He Must Have Really Loved Them

Tweet: So my uncle is currently moving, and took a bunch of boxes to the Salvation Army. Today, my moms friend was in there and saw these on the shelf. Question 1: Why didn't they take the pictures out of the frames? Question 2: Why are we only worth $2.99? (pictured are three school pictures of kids in silver frames)
Photo Credit: Twitter / @aj_guffrey
Photo Credit: Twitter / @aj_guffrey

It is hilarious that when he was packing up his house and downsizing, he looked at these pictures of his nieces and nephews and thought, “I can leave those behind.”