People Who Are Clearly Winning At Parenting

Parenting is no easy feat. It’s extremely difficult to take care of a small human with bad coordination, a limited understanding of the world, and a tendency to make a mess wherever they go.

Some parents, however, seem to be far ahead of the curve. These are some moms and dads who are clearly winning at this whole parenting thing.

Get The Kids To Clean Up After Themselves

rubbermaid container with writing on it: Toy Jail. You left it out and I picked it up. I've got your stuff. You're out of luck. To get it back, please do a chore, then it's yours just like before
Photo Credit: Instagram / @m0m.ish
Photo Credit: Instagram / @m0m.ish

This is a total win-win situation for the mom. If her kids pick up after themselves, then she doesn’t have to deal with the mess. If they don’t, she gets to makes sure other chores get done.