Photos That Prove Living With Toddlers Is Complete Chaos

Having a toddler is like having a guest over that’s completely drunk and has lost their glasses. No worries, just duct tape some foam to the furniture corners and pray. A lot.

These parents definitely have their hands full with toddlers that have no regard for their own safety, appearance, or even placement in the world. “Am I upside down wedged in between a bed and a wall? This seems like a perfect place to take a quick nap.” Check out these chaotic kids and their long-suffering parents.

This Ghoulish Kid Needs To Not

When you marry someone and start a family, one of the specific requirements should be that the person isn’t the girl from The Ring. Once you check that minor box the rest should fall easily into place and you’ll have awesome non-haunted children.

creepy toddler on door mouth pressed against nasty
Photo Credit: goodluck_canuck / Reddit
Photo Credit: goodluck_canuck / Reddit

This toddler clearly has decided that a normal life not breathing on doors excessively like a horror movie monster just wasn’t for them. This kind of face staring at you every time you use the bathroom is enough to warrant a curtain. Thick cotton too.