Pictures That Remind You Just How Chaotic The Classroom Can Get

Remember school? I mean, I have actively tried to forget everything from my formative years in that concrete cellblock they called a classroom. However, every once in a while, something will remind me of just how weird and bizarre some of the things were that happened there.

These photos are bound to refresh your memory of how chaotic the classroom really was.

Classic Confiscated Watermelon

In school, teachers would confiscate some things from students that definitely made sense—a Nintendo DS, a sharp object—and then there was the wide variety of things that didn’t make any sense to be taken away, if only because it didn’t make sense for the kid to have it in the first place.

this kid in my class threw a watermelon at someone and had it confiscated (photo of watermelon on chair in a corner)
Photo Credit: Twitter / @skeletonyuth
Photo Credit: Twitter / @skeletonyuth