Unwritten Rules For Surviving And Thriving Back To School Season As A Parent

The phrase “back to school” can evoke different emotions from different kids. Some kids actually get excited for that first day of school! The rest of us weren’t ready to give up on summer, and that first day of school meant a night full of tears and panic as we tried to put together the perfect outfit to kick off another year.

While we can all remember how we felt as kids, not nearly enough credit goes to our parents. They’re downright thrilled to see that school bus come down the street to pick their little ones up for another school year. These parents share the life lessons they’ve learned over the years. Take them in, they could end up helping you.

You Have To Start Preparing Them For Back To School Early

james breakwell tweet six year old tell them im busy and cant go back to school
Photo Credit: Twitter / @XplodingUnicorn
Photo Credit: Twitter / @XplodingUnicorn

As much as kids try to pretend school isn’t creeping any closer, their parents are counting down pretty much from the moment summer starts. James here was obviously ready for school to start back up not long after the Fourth of July festivities, but his six-year-old wasn’t having it.

It turns out, kids these days have an answer to all the questions we were too afraid to ask. Who knew staying home and catching up on your 147th rewatch of Moana was on the table?