Single Dad Asks Daughter For Outfit Advice Before A First Date In Adorable Text Exchange

First dates can be a pretty nerve-wracking event no matter how old you are. A person might spend time thinking of talking points, fixing their hair, and strategically choosing an outfit in order to make a great first impression on their date.

One single dad, in the face of an upcoming first date, enlisted the help of his daughter in order to help pick out an outfit. The exchange went viral after she shared it online and when the date didn’t go as planned, the internet came to the rescue.

Jeff Is A Single Dad With Four Daughters

Having one daughter can be a handful, let alone having four and trying to raise them on your own.

jeff with his four daughters
Photo Credit: Instagram / @carlisaville
Photo Credit: Instagram / @carlisaville

Through living with and parenting a group of girls, Jeff picked up a couple of good tips, like getting an opinion from the girls when getting ready before a first date.