People Tried The Snapchat Gender Swap Filter And Were Either Shocked Or Scared

A lot of us have wondered what we’d look like as a different gender. Maybe we’d look like our brothers or sisters. Or here’s a hot take for you, maybe we’d even look like our parents. That thought is particularly scary.

These people tried the newest version of Snapchat’s gender filter and the results were truly wild. Some got the validation they needed to brag about looking hot as another gender while others were just scared. Buckle up everyone, these people are out to change the catfishing game.

The Queen Looks Like Human Shrek

queen snapchat gender filter queen looks like a man has beard
Photo Credit: @eatfooder / Twitter
Photo Credit: @eatfooder / Twitter

We all watched Shrek 2 and were mildly concerned about how good looking Shrek was as a human. We all walked away scratching our heads wondering what the franchise would be like if it was all different. We laid awake at night wondering if donkey would also make a hot man.

Thanks to Twitter user @eatfooder we know have to live with the knowledge that the Queen in male drag could play a live-action human version of the ogre himself. They’re probably already working on another sequel.