Son Asked His Father To Stop Waving Goodbye, So Dad Decided To Make Things Awkward

A high school debut can make or break your coolness, right? Back in 2010 on his first day, Rain Price certainly thought so when his parents decided to wave goodbye from the porch as he boarded the bus. He did what we all would do when mom and dad are embarrassing us — he asked them to stop. Did it work? Absolutely not.

Instead of listening, dad Dale Price decided he would wave goodbye every single day in a different awesome way for 3 years. We’re talking costumes and themes with some serious production value people.

Day 1 Paid A Tribute To The Chargers

guy waving in football helmet
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When you see this guy on the porch he could really be anybody’s dad and not a costumed-up Dale being wacky. Sure the helmet is a little strange for 8 am, but maybe he was at an early morning training session.

The costumes started out a little hesitant these first few days before Dale really got going. Apparently, it only cost Dale $50 for the costumes for the 3 years. That’s pretty impressive and largely due to the fact he borrowed from his neighbors. Turns out most people have a few Halloween gems kicking around.