“Look Out Tough Guys” Stay-At-Home Husband Is Making Marriage Look Like Relationship Goals

It wasn’t very long ago that marriage was viewed from a much more patriarchal perspective. The wife’s role was in the home making meals for the family and taking care of the children and their husbands.

Nowadays, most young people have a very different view of marriage, if they choose to get married at all.

Maya and Hunter have been dating since high school

One couple living in Southern California is doing their best to reverse the classic gender stereotypes in marriage.

Maya and Hunter, both 24-years-old, started dating when they were just sophomores in high school.

The couple was married in 2021

The couple was married in 2021 and not long after they tied the knot Hunter decided to share a few TikTok videos of what married life looks like for them.

The videos quickly went viral online getting millions of views on their joint TikTok profile @maya.and.hunter.

A recent video shared by Hunter has gained over 7 million views

A recent video captioned “A Day in the Life of a Stay-At-Home Husband” has racked up over 7 million views on TikTok alone.

Screenshots from TikTok:
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

In the 35-second clip, Hunter can be seen running errands and narrating his activities all done for the benefit of his wife, Maya.

“Sorry, tough guys”

In the clip, Hunter says “Sorry, tough guys. It’s another day in the life of a stay-at-home husband.”

Screenshots from TikTok video of man in mirror with text
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

He continues, “My wife is always trying to sneak in extra work on the weekend, so I grabbed her, her wallet, and headed out on our weekly errands.”

Maya works full time and Hunter is a student learning remotely

Maya works a full-time job while Hunter is a student in his second year of law school.

Side by side images: woman working on laptop and man washing a dish with a sponge
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

But for the time being, Maya is the “breadwinner” and Hunter is the doting husband who low-key relies on her to keep the finances afloat.

Hunter taunts his trolls in his video narration

In one of their most viral clips, Hunter narrates sarcastically for their followers.

Screen shots from TikTok videos with text
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

“Some people seem to think I lost my man card, so we went to the farmers market to buy a new one. But they were all out, so I went to Whole Foods and got some flowers for my wife.”

His husbandly duties include arranging flowers

The video continues to show the duo finishing up their errands with Hunter narrating the whole process.

Side by side screen shots from TikTok video: man walking pulling wagon with groceries and then arranging white daisies
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

“I strapped the groceries to my mancart and got to arranging the flowers. Never give your wife flowers and expect her to arrange them. That’s a chore, not a gift.”

Maya doesn’t have to help around the house

Finally, the couple makes it home where Hunter says “This little girlboss tried to help me clean the floors. So silly. It’s her day off.”

Side by side images, woman reaching for vacuum and woman sitting on couch with feet up
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

He then arranges a “reading nook” area with a heating pad and book on the couch before adding “Sunday reset? More like resetting societal norms.”

People are obsessed with their relationship dynamic

Commenters were quick to praise Hunter for his domestic skills and openness about being a self-proclaimed “stay-at-home husband.”

Comments from TikTok video in screenshot
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

People were absolutely loving the “girlboss” dynamic that’s standard in Hunter and Maya’s house.

The series was actually Maya’s idea

In another video, Hunter explained that while he’s attending law school and on summer break his only real responsibilities are his “stay-at-home husbandly duties.”

Maya came to him with an idea about a TikTok trend she had seen.

They were inspired by a cringey TikTok trend

The trend shows a day in the life of self-proclaimed ‘stay-at-home daughters’ and ‘stay-at-home wives’ who are living a relaxed life of luxury.

Maya noticed “an obvious lack of male presence in this genre” and made the suggestion to Hunter.

Women on TikTok have admitted their husbands can’t wash a dish

Maya also noticed how many women on the platform admitted that their husbands and boyfriends didn’t know how to wash a dish, let alone help take care of an entire home.

Hands washing dirty dishes with sauce on plates
Photo Credit: cottonbro / Pexels
Photo Credit: cottonbro / Pexels

They saw an opportunity to change the narrative.

Hunter films himself doing basic household tasks to help break stereotypes

Basically, the TikTok trend showed average peoples’ incompetence which inspired Maya and Hunter to create their own version.

Screenshots from TikTok of man doing laundry and bringing home groceries
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

The couple’s videos portray Hunter as a stay-at-home husband in a way that breaks the stereotypical gender roles and “pokes fun” at the whole thing.

The couple have shared over 24 videos in the series

To date, the married duo have made over 24 videos in their stay-at-home husband series and have received an overwhelming response to the videos.

Comments from TikTok profile with negative feedback
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva
Photo Credit: @hunter.and.maya / TikTok / Canva

Most of the attention has been full of love and encouragement but not all of it has been positive.

They have no plans to let negativity stop them from sharing their message

Hunter admits to seeing “a lot of hate and negativity” but is adamant that they don’t let the hate get to them anymore.

He says the hate comments show them that “the message behind our videos is still against the status quo to some people.”

Watch the full stay-at-home husband video on Hunter and Maya’s TikTok

The married couple has no plans to let the hate comments slow them down. They’re going to “continue spreading [a] message of equality in a relationship” despite any negativity.

Hunter adds “At the end of the day, we truly believe that a partnership must be equal in order to succeed.”