These Terrible Wedding Proposals Had Better Have A Nice Ring To Them

Proposals are a big deal – they’re the beginning of a lifelong commitment and people put a lot of pressure on them to reflect the good times ahead. But not all proposals are created equally, and sometimes love gets wrapped up in a big ugly bow. Or a piece of notepaper taped to a beer can.

Not everyone enjoys the pomp and circumstance of a big proposal. While it’s encouraged you put a little effort into it, some take things a little far. The biggest surprise on this list is that some people said yes. Check out these awful ways people have popped the question.

Back It Up And Lock It Down

truck proposal spray paint
Photo Credit: @sammbreyz / Twitter
Photo Credit: @sammbreyz / Twitter

Aside from the actual visual here, it’s confusing how this actually worked. Did the proposer ask the proposee to get something out of the truck bed? Did they ask them to help them back into a spot? All valid questions, but the biggest one is why did they think this was a good idea?

Of course, they checked ‘no.’ This proposal needed a little more thought put in and a little more gas in the tank. I just hope that’s not permanent spray paint on the window.