The Best Tweets About Parenting From Sarcastic Mommy

Raising a human being and being a parent can be a lot of different things, but no one ever said it was going to be easy. As long as you’re able to approach every situation with a good sense of humor, though, you’ll (probably) make it out alive.

Twitter account @sarcasticmommy4, who is a mother to four boys, understands that you have to laugh at whatever your kids throw your way, and she wants you to laugh along with her.

Take The Quiet Where You Can

mini-vacations to the bathroom
Photo Credit: Twitter / @sarcasticmommy4
Photo Credit: Twitter / @sarcasticmommy4

As much as you love your toddler, you don’t love them enough to excuse the fact that they always barge in on you in the bathroom or knock on the door when you’re in the shower. Is nothing private anymore?