The Worst Lunch Fails Ever Prepared By Dads

Dads are great at a lot of things. We can teach you to play baseball, we know how to make fart noises with our armpits, we can even listen to a car sound and immediately claim we know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. You know, all the practical stuff that matters in life.

What we are not good at is preparing a wholesome lunch to send you on your way to school. These dads prove that getting kids ready in the morning is often a losing battle. I don’t want to speak for all dads, but we’d probably eat these meals and not complain.

A Healthy Meal And A Drink For The Road

This dad prepared a delicious and surprisingly healthy meal for their child. If you only glanced quickly at the meal, as I did, you would probably consider this a 100% win. Upon closer examination, this dad realized they were out of juice boxes and came up with a very adult-themes solution. On Reddit, he writes, “Packed our son’s school lunch. We were out of juice boxes. So I improvised.” If this kid is hitting the bottle by high school I won’t be surprised. At least his dad realized a drink was required for his launch and didn’t force him to juice his own oranges.