The Worst Lunch Fails Ever Prepared By Dads

Dads are great at a lot of things. We can teach you to play baseball, we know how to make fart noises with our armpits, we can even listen to a car sound and immediately claim we know exactly what’s wrong with your vehicle. You know, all the practical stuff that matters in life.

What we are not good at is preparing a wholesome lunch to send you on your way to school. These dads prove that getting kids ready in the morning is often a losing battle. I don’t want to speak for all dads, but we’d probably eat these meals and not complain.

A Healthy Meal And A Drink For The Road

This dad prepared a delicious and surprisingly healthy meal for their child. If you only glanced quickly at the meal, as I did, you would probably consider this a 100% win. Upon closer examination, this dad realized they were out of juice boxes and came up with a very adult-themes solution. On Reddit, he writes, “Packed our son’s school lunch. We were out of juice boxes. So I improvised.” If this kid is hitting the bottle by high school I won’t be surprised. At least his dad realized a drink was required for his launch and didn’t force him to juice his own oranges.

This Dad Loves His Cat More Than His Kid

Reddit user RayWonder was running late and asked his dad to pack a quick lunch. When it was finally time to eat he opened his lunch sack and found a sandwich, chips, and a bottle of water. Not a bad meal but the can of cat food threw Ray for a loop. I’m going to assume this dad was either joking or was subtly reminding his son that it’s their job to feed the cat and they keep forgetting. Ray never did reveal if he ate the cat food or saved it for his feline family member who is obviously more loved than him.

Bring Home This Currently Useless Spoon

Mandy posted this photo on Imgur and admitted that her dad was drunk while packing her lunch. It’s great that he stepped up in his drunken state to make sure his daughter had a lunch but what’s up with the spoon? He writes, “Mandy. Bring Home Spoon.” We get the point of bringing home something that shouldn’t be throwaway but why does she need a spoon to eat chocolate wafers and pizza? I’ve never seen this happen after mom has a bottle or two of wine but apparently dads are not as good at drunkenly multitasking.

When Your Dad Is A Cop

This high school student took to the social web to share a photo of the lunch his dad packed. While I can’t speak to his dad’s choice in potentially nutritious foods, I think the “evidence” bag speaks for itself. The young man explained that his dad is a police officer who realized there were no lunch bags left in their home. Apparently, dad carries around a bunch of evidence bags because of his line of work. The food might be great but this kid’s facial expression sums up his overall reaction perfectly.

Utensil Fail Dad Style

The chicken in this packed lunch looks decent, although I’m a bit scared of the cold eggs that were packed to accompany this relatively healthy lunch option. The big fail here though is the spoon that was included alongside a knife. Either this dad thought his child wouldn’t eat the chicken and would devour the eggs or they haven’t learned how utensils worked. The teen who shared this funny moment was just as puzzled as the rest of us. Attention to details is not always a dad’s strongest selling point.

Giving Up Halfway Through

I have to take a second and applaud this dad for packing three healthy pieces of food for his child’s lunch. However, it looks like that was the end of his effort. His child was greeted with some great snacks and a $20 bill. I’m sure his kid didn’t mind receiving a $20 bill. They can probably buy a school lunch and have leftover money for candy, a small toy, or something else they desire. Of course, dad might be expecting that cash to last a few days in the lunch line.

Dad Isn’t Even Trying

This sandwich looks like something dad created for his kid after not being able to finish his own sandwich. It’s really just the remnants of an entire meal. Honestly, what is the point of even included that tiny sliver of avocado? This is basically an Atkin’s diet nightmare thanks to 80% of the meal being nothing but bread. At least a few of the major food groups were included which is sort of a dad win all on its very own. I would probably just pick off the chicken and avocado and call the rest of this sad sandwich a total loss.

The Peanuts Have Revolted In Gulliver’s Travels Fashion

This dad had some fun with their kid’s lunch, setting up a scene straight from Gulliver’s Travels. The peanuts have revolted and they are holding down the giant sandwich with string made from ropes. While this is a clever way to set up a lunch, it’s not really practical for actually eating the food. Without a fork and knife, their kid is likely to get mayonnaise all over their hands. Nobody wants to look like the weirdo who is eating their sandwich with a fork and knife.

Thanks For The Nightmares Dad

This is what happens when you watch Hellraiser one too many times and then your wife tells you to get lunch ready for your kids. The food actually looks pretty appetizing but I don’t think any child wants to peel the fake skin off a monster’s face and eat it for lunch. I take that back, this might actually be the perfect lunchtime meal for a lot of kids. I wonder if the school complained about dad’s grotesque lunchtime creation.

A Meal Prepared For A Royal

A meal fit for a member of the royal family! The Crown Royal family that is. Dads really have no shame. First, there was the guy who packed his kid a juicy surprise in a flask and now there’s this dad who couldn’t find a lunch bag. This might be worse than the kid whose police officer father gave provided his lunch in an evidence bag. On the other hand, this Crown Royal lunch bag is probably more insulating than a paper bag and definitely a little bit more luxurious.

Growing Up Is Hard

Meg Sullivan graduated from high school in May 2017 and her dad sent her to school with one last lunch and a lesson. In her tweet, @MegSullivan07 wrote, “My dad has been peeling my oranges for my lunch since kindergarten & on my last day of high school I got this instead.” Her dad sent Meg to school with unpeeled oranges, printed out instructions on “how to peel an orange” and a note that read, “It’s time baby girl.” Peeling an orange seems like an important accomplishment for Meg to put on her resume in the future.

This Dad Who Recycled Breakfast

For full disclosure a few people online said a dad packed this lunch for their kid and others claimed it was just a clueless lunch packer. I had to include it though because this is exactly the type of lunch I would pack for my children. I mean what’s not to love about combining a breakfast favorite like a blueberry waffle with peanut butter. I’m more of a JIF guy myself but to each their own. Hopefully, there was more to this lunch although it does have peanut butter and fruit so it’s not totally unhealthy.

It’s All About Delivery

Reddit user TheChosenPeeples reminds us that dads can go a bit too far. We understand children can buy lunch at school but why not hand them the $20 bill? This dad decided their child’s lunch money needed to be placed inside a sandwich bag in order to be delivered. On a positive note, at least there was little change of the money getting wet or falling out of their child’s pocket. Also, $20 for lunch? This better be a week’s worth of food because school food is NOT worth $20 per meal.


Why Is Your Child So Hyper After Lunch?

Reddit user Fatherpoo posted this incredibly strange lunch and it went viral almost immediately after being shared. Who wouldn’t want some Flamin’ Hot Cheetos with popcorn and Cheerios on the side? Throw in a 5-hour Energy and your child will be bouncing off the walls. I’m not sure if this was intended for dad or their kid but either way it doesn’t pass any type of health standards I can think of. If this was prepared for a child hopefully it wasn’t a grade-schooler because 5-hour Energy is never a good idea, let alone for a child.


This Dad Who Was Hungry While Making Lunch For Their Kid

First, he leaves the crust on the sandwich and then this dad took a bite. I guess he could justify this move by claiming that all the great chefs of the world sample their cuisine before serving it to a guest. At least he was honest, I probably would have told my children that the bread was defective. This is yet another reason mom ends up packing school lunches more often than dad. I really hope this wasn’t all they packed their kid for their school lunch.


That’s A Toolbox, Dad

In a viral video that went live in June 2017, a dad explained that he lost his son’s lunchbox and had to improvise. The dad’s solution? He turned his old toolbox into a new food carrier. With so many slots to fill his little kid was in for a massive lunch. The boy’s mom pretty much summed up the dad’s creation perfectly in this photo. He could have literally packed a breakfast, lunch, and dinner for his son with all of the space available in the toolbox. I’m calling this a dad win.

Dad Has 3-Year-Old Pack Their Own Lunch

Reddit user Andyrine typically uses common sense and doesn’t allow their 3-year-old son to pack their own lunch. However, they thought it would be a fun experiment and set their child free in the kitchen. The toddler quickly decided that shoving an entire bag of cheese balls in their lunch sack would be a smart move. A mess was created and dad quickly shared the results for everyone to see. Sadly, this is still a better lunch than some of the other options created by the dads on our list of lunch packing fails. Another dad responded to the post with this supportive message, “That looks just like my couch! Except mine was covered in goldfish and frozen toys.”

A Dad Lunch Fail In Reverse

We’ve seen kids get more than they bargained for with dad-packed lunches but this parent let their kid pack them a lunch, reserving the course of our fails. His son chose some healthier options like applesauce, a granola bar, and oatmeal. Then they threw in some mac & cheese and a Miller Lite for good measure. After Reddit user The_Cat_Downvoter posted the photo, others were quick to poke fun at the meal. My favorite response was, “Ha! So cute how he thinks you only drink one beer at work.”

You’re Adopted

I don’t really have words to describe how awful this dad fail is. I’ve included this one in our dad notes post and felt the need to share it once more. Either this kid has the best sense of humor ever or they totally broke down in front of all their friends. If they weren’t expecting this note, there’s a good chance they have steered clear of Kellog’s products ever since opening up this life-changing lunch. Dads are a special breed all their own but this note attached to a school lunch was a little much for me to handle.

Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life

I’m starting to see an emerging trend among dads who want their kids to grow up and realize not everything will be handed to them in life. First, there was the dad who stopped peeling his daughter’s oranges and now there’s this monster! Imagine the sheer horror on his child’s face when they realized the crust was still left on their sandwich. They probably didn’t eat for days! Okay probably not, but he didn’t have to be so harsh without any type of warning.