These A-Listers Rock Dad Bods And Now Nobody Will Be Going To The Gym

Sure, abs are great and all for about three seconds. Then, you realize that you have to eat a kale salad for the rest of your life to actually keep them. That’s when the dad bod comes into play and seems VERY tempting.

How does wings, beer and good company sound? Pretty good, I bet. Well, these actors have all made the right decision by joining the dad bod community and it’s the most liberating decision they’ll ever make. When you go through this article, look how happy they all are knowing that they can be flabby and fantastic all at the same time?

Leonardo DiCaprio

leo dicaprio
Twitter / @AdamBongo
Twitter / @AdamBongo

This picture blew up the internet for about a month, and it’s easy to see why. Leo became a teen heartthrob when he starred in Titanic and looked pinup-worthy in The Beach. Nowadays he’s looking like he’s decided to eat a little bit more bread then kale salad and it’s hard to blame him.

It really won’t make a difference considering he’s THE biggest bachelor in Hollywood right now and women basically throw themselves at him.