These Are Not Your Regular Moms, They’re Cool Moms

It’s safe to say that we wouldn’t be where we are today without our moms. Sure, we celebrate them on Mother’s Day, but really we should be giving mom her props every day, because raising a child isn’t easy.

These moms aren’t just your everyday moms — they’re cool moms. Hopefully, their humor is hereditary.

Mom Accidentally Allows Little Picasso To Use Her Special “Stickers”

This mom really had no clue what their child was up to in the bathroom when they asked to use a sticker.

Seeming harmless enough, the mom gave the go-ahead only to find out later that the “sticker” was actually a period pad.

Mom Hack: Tell Your Children Everything Is Casserole

This mom had a clever deceptive response to her son wondering if she was eating pie for breakfast (she was).

Turns out, telling your child you’re eating “fruit casserole” is enough to put them off the scent.

Every Mom Has Two Moods

Every Mary Poppins level mom has a breaking point, it’s just a matter of when she’s pushed to it.

This mom uses her full Batman voice when it’s time to be assertive. If it works on the Joker, it should work on the toddlers.

It Is Definitely Not This Kid’s First Lego Rodeo

This child knew his mom was in for the long haul on his Lego project so he made sure to set her up for success.

At least this mom knows what she’s in for and seems like she’s up for the challenge.

Ask And You Shall Receive (Even If You’re Being Sarcastic)

This guy thought he was being clever when his mom asked him what cake he wanted for his birthday and he responded with “a urinal cake.”

About 10 cakes shaped like urinal pucks/cakes
Photo Credit: mrfluff_n_snuff / Reddit
Photo Credit: mrfluff_n_snuff / Reddit

Joke’s on him because she went ahead and made him some — at least they look super appetizing.

She Woke Up And Chose Momedy

Instead of doing the usual mom thing and cleaning old dishes that were left in the sink, this mom had a different approach.

She left a funny note telling her kids where they could find their still dirty dishes.

Nothing Quite Like A Happy Birthday From Mom

This mom goes straight for the jugular with her birthday wish. First, she hits them with the “how old are you now?” Then she immediately asks about when she will have grandchildren.

Handwritten Note From Mother Asking For Grandchildren
Photo Credit: Imgur
Photo Credit: Imgur

No pressure but also serious pressure.

His Mom Tried To Convince Him Not To Do This But He Wasn’t Having It

This kid’s mom tried to stop him from using this ridiculous picture in his school’s yearbook.

Yearbook photo of young man in orange shirt with USA bandana on head holding log over his shoulder with text underneath
Photo Credit: davetay1021 / Reddit
Photo Credit: davetay1021 / Reddit

Of course, he didn’t take her advice, but he did include it as the caption on the yearbook photo in question.

There Are Two Types Of Moms In This World…

This mom jokes that she’s not winning any parenting awards because she will not be pleased if she has to make a trip to the ER.

Her hashtags make it clear that mom life at the park can be challenging.

Instead Of Getting Mad, This Mom Made Her Child’s Wall Drawing Into An Art Gallery Picture

This man was feeling grateful when he realized the light-hearted way his wife handled their child coloring on the walls.

Instead of getting mad, she saw the humor in the situation and framed the drawing with an artists’ tag explaining the piece.

This Mom Has A Hilarious “I’m Not Your Maid” Policy

It seems like this mom’s rules are pretty straightforward. She has a funny way of making sure everyone knows it though.

Sign saying
Photo Credit: Tallnate68 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Tallnate68 / Reddit

She created a small “press button for maid service” sign featuring a literal button glued to the wall.

This Mom Who Was Secretly Saving Money For Her Son

This young man probably felt frustrated sometimes when it came to making rent payments to his mom.

Image of tweet about mom charging sibling rent to give it all back when he buys his house
Photo Credit: @JustinRyanBerni / Twitter
Photo Credit: @JustinRyanBerni / Twitter

Turns out she was stockpiling the money to set him up for success when it was time to buy his first home.

This Mom Is The Main Character And She Is Not Letting Anyone Forget It

One Twitter user shared this hilarious picture that was the result of their mom cooking dinner.

The mom was center stage in the photo because she said “ain’t nobody help” with making dinner and so she didn’t let them in her picture.

This Mom Who Was Worried She Wouldn’t Wake Up From Her Cold Medicine Nap

This funny note was left on a cough syrup bottle after a mom self-medicated her cold to try and get some much-needed sleep.

Yellow sticky note stuck to red empty bottle of cough syrup
Photo Credit: OctoberSix / Reddit
Photo Credit: OctoberSix / Reddit

She jokingly left a note saying if she doesn’t wake up it was not a suicide.

Why Have One Cake When You Can Have Three?

Does anyone else have a mom that does the absolute most at all times?

Three different vegan birthday cakes in a row on a table
Photo Credit: Nepumukl / Reddit
Photo Credit: Nepumukl / Reddit

This lucky Reddit users’ mom baked her not one but three incredible vegan cakes for her birthday. Go mom!

All The Respect To This Mom Who Donated Her Kidney to Her Daughter

In the ultimate example of moms being the best, we have this mom who selflessly donated her kidney to her daughter.

Two women holding hands wearing hospital bracelets
Photo Credit: sleepyplatipus / Reddit
Photo Credit: sleepyplatipus / Reddit

Her daughter must have felt a million times better knowing that her mom was there by her side going through it all with her.