These Dad Tweets Are Brutal And Stupidly Funny


Brutal text messages can be found all over the internet. When a smartphone’s keyboard is placed between our thumbs, the stuff we say is often unfiltered and sometimes hilarious. Dads have managed to take text messaging to a whole new level by cracking dad jokes, making fun of their kids, and laying down some awfully funny and often inappropriate comments.

These dads conversed with their children in some hilarious ways that will make you realize maybe mom should be doing all the text messaging. Hopefully, along the way, you’ll learn some clever responses for the next time your child sends you a message looking for some advice or validation.

Dad Is Dead, Love Moth

awesome dad text message.jpg

This dad realized that the best way to teach his children to fend for themselves is to crack a joke about their current situation and make them realize they can fend for themselves. When his kid asked for help removing a moth from the bathroom he responded, “Dad is dead. You’re next. Love, Moth.”