These Dads Are Photobombing Champions And It’s Hugely Embarrassing

If you don’t embarrass your child at least once a week you haven’t figured out how to properly dad yet. I started browsing the web and realized there were a lot of dads photobombing photos involving their children and even some complete strangers. Among the photobombs were some hilarious and totally intentional shots that prove dads just wanna have fun.

Whether you’re a mom, dad, or just an embarrassed kid who wants to know they’re not alone, you’ll love how much these dads succeed at failing.

The Stinky Situation

How could a photo of a mom and her beautiful daughters possibly go wrong? Oh yeah, just throw dad in the background with their baby and a poopy diaper. Dad perfectly timed this photo to capture a sight parents are all too familiar with: smelling the baby’s diaper for a stinky situation.

stinky situation photobomb

I don’t know if this was planned because many parenting situations happen out of sleepless nights and not the realization that something funny could be captured in the moment.