These Dads Back In The ’80s Prove They’re Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

Although you’ve known your dad your entire life, chances are you’ll never meet the man he was back in the 1980s. He was younger, wilder, and probably cooler then you’ll ever be. If you think you’ve done some truly cool things in your life, chances are your dad did it first. Take a step back into the ’80s and see these dads that set the bar for what it means to have style and swagger.

Spick N’ Span

If you’ve ever wondered why your dad washes his car every weekend, it’s because it’s a hard habit to break. Back in the day, young men treated their car better than most boys today ever will.

Photo: Mancerk_ Latzo/ Reddit
Photo: Mancerk_ Latzo/ Reddit

They worked on the engine themselves, changed the oil, and definitely never took it into a car wash.