These Dads Are Clearly Having A Bad Day

Whether it’s the weather, the water, or the full moon coming out, these dads are having a day. Actually several days. Maybe even weeks. What these hardworking and stressed out dads all have in common is a mutual need of a vacation. Or at least some alone time.

Here are a bunch of dads who have had just about enough but are persevering for their kids. Spoiler – baby vomit is a major villain in these heroic stories.

Snow Shovelling For Two

The weather doesn’t stop for any man, even a dad in the middle of babysitting his new baby. When presented with a driveway full of snow and a newborn full of needs, this dad created the ultimate lifehack and combined two jobs into one.

dad baby shovel parka
Photo Credit: @bigwipeouts / Imgur
Photo Credit: @bigwipeouts / Imgur

Would you call this one snow-sitting or baby-shovelling? Or maybe parka-squeezing? Either way, this revolutionary hero has given me a healthy appreciation for busy dads and the stretch of winter canvas coats.