These People Are Sharing The Savage Things Their Kids Have Said To Them

Recently, a Reddit user who goes by the handle u/beardlesshipster asked the internet, “Parents of Reddit, what’s something your kids do without realizing it hurts your feelings?” Well, the internet was quick to respond with all kinds of stories about their tiny terrors.

Keep reading to learn about some kids who just aren’t aware of social etiquette yet. Some of these kids are delivering some sick burns that really do belong in a rap song.

A Simple Answer

“My 12 year old son basically ignores me as much as he can. It’s puberty and it’s all normal but a year ago I was still his favorite person and now it’s all about his friends, girls, and video games. And I’m the uncoolest person on the planet apparently.

kids making faces
austin pacheco / Unsplash
austin pacheco / Unsplash

I made him go for a walk with me and the dog the other day just to try to have some conversation and he said “Why do you make me do things that make me unhappy?”, to which I responded, “Spending time with me makes you unhappy?”. And he said “Yes”. I told him he could turn around and go back home then and he did. I cried the whole way to the dog park.” —u/frisbeemassage