These People Didn’t Realize They’d Actually Given Birth To Old People

Every baby is cute to somebody. Newborn babies (objectively) look like shriveled raisins, but someone is always going to find them cute because they’re babies.

You know what else a lot of people find cute? Old people. So what about a combination of babies that look like old people? These parents managed to unintentionally make that combination a reality when they brought these elderly babies into the world.

Moments Away From A Meltdown

baby in white onesie with forehead wrinkles
Photo Credit: Reddit / dildoboat24
Photo Credit: Reddit / dildoboat24

The little boy’s mother said that he becomes an “instant old man when he’s angry,” and she is not incorrect.

Whether he’s 8 weeks old or 80, they both need to eat dinner at 5 p.m. and then turn in for an early night.