These People Went Above And Beyond To Prank Their Friends

Who says you’re only allowed to pull pranks on April Fools’ Day? These people are sharing their love of pranks all year long. They don’t care what season it is.

They’re also putting in a ton of time and effort to make sure that these pranks go off without a hitch. Keep reading to get some top-notch prank ideas that you might want to use on your own family and friends. These are hilarious.

A Broken Window

This husband set up some broken glass on the floor of his garage, rolled down his wife’s car window, and then leaned a broom on the door to make it look like the window had shattered.

broken car window prank
Photo Credit: Mrconsuct1 / Reddit
Photo Credit: Mrconsuct1 / Reddit

He got her good. She was not happy.